Tidal tracks are skipping

Roon Core Machine

ROCK on nuc8i7beh
Sonore upnpbridge
FRITZ!Box 7490
Remote on iPad 2020
Music on Synology ds214
Naim nd5xs

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Description of Issue

Playing music with my nd5xs/naimapp I had never skipping of Tidal tracks.

Now with Roon - I know that‘s not possible - a Tidal track skips whenever the battery warning appears.

The iPad is just the remote - so it can‘t be that - but it is.

Hello @MarcusFF,

Thanks for getting in touch as soon as you realized TIDAL + Roon isn’t working quite seamlessly :sweat:. Sorry about that.

If I understand correctly, streaming from TIDAL through the same setup doesn’t show any skipping. It is only TIDAL through Roon, correct?

If so, could you please navigate to Settings → Services → Edit (next to TIDAL) and lower the streaming quality. Does that help?

Dear Beka,
I have a very good internet connection with over 100 Mbit/s and it’s very stable. So lowering the quality is not the best solution.
The skipping occurs when the Ipad says „…battery is under 20%“ and by 10% and 5%.
No big deal. But just crazy since my iPad doesn’t play the music.