Tidal tracks disappear. Database Export to csv file?

I’m a Tidal subscriber. lately I have noticed tidal tracks that are missing from my playlists and library. Tidal will randomly pull selections from their catalog. I guess it is licensing rights and such and it is annoying I think all of the Sony stuff has been removed. The problem is that when they are gone and I can’t remember the artist or track title, I have no way to get them back by searching again. Most of the time I can locate the track on another album release or Tidal will eventually make the track available again. I believe the older version of Roon would still hold the data in the database but the track would be labeled unavailable. I need this back if possible. Also if there would be a way to download my library data to a csv file it could be use for reference to help locate missing tracks.

You can export a csv file with all the tracks in your library. Just go to Tracks, focus on Tidal, select all the tracks, and then select Export. See this article for the how-to:

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