Tidal tracks in playlist show as unavailable

I have seen this issue posted several times and I have tried most everything with the issue still happening.

I have closed and restarted Roon

I have closed Roon and restarted my computer.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Roon.

MacBook Pro, so I didn’t see any folder with tidal cache to clear. help!

Thank you!


I’m running Roon through an Elac Discovery in Belgium. Has worked great, however, since about 2 weeks Roon tells me any tidal track is currently unavailable and won’t play. Plays perfect in the Tidal app.

Any suggestions how to fix this?


Hi @Dan_Smith ---- Thank you for the report and sharing your observations with us. May I kindly ask you to verify the following for me:

  1. Where was the playlist created?

  2. In regard to the tracks that are being listed as “unavailable” where they taken from TIDAL content that was added to your Roon library and if so can you successfully search for them without issue? If not, was the content added to the playlist in TIDAL and if so can you search for them successfully in TIDAL?


Hi @Louis_Cesteleyn ---- While troubleshooting the Elac discovery is generally handed by ELAC, we’d be happy to see if we can take a look at what is going on here for you.

I merged your post into this thread as it seems like you could be experiencing the same issue. May I kindly ask you to review the questions above for me so I have a bit more insight into the track(s) you are referencing in your report?


  1. The playlist was originally created in Tidal

  2. I believe that all the tracks are a part of my Roon library. I can actually click on the album directly from the playlist (which shows unavailable) and it will take me to the album and I can play it directly from Tidal via Roon. One interesting note is that after playing a track using this method it will shortly thereafter show as available and the Tidal logo lights up on the playlist.

It looks like Roon is expecting the track to be in my local library, but after I play it on Tidal it links the Tidal track and syncs up again. I am not about to do this one-by-one on all my playlist tracks though lol.

Another note, I was able to work around this by installing The RoonServer software on my Macbook and use the Roon software only as control, pointing to the server running on the same computer. Obviously this is not ideal as I am now running 2 pieces of software when 1 has done the trick up to this point.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @Dan_Smith ---- Thank you for the follow up and taking the time to answer my questions/share your observations. The feedback is very appreciated!

If you generate a playlist in Roon comprised of TIDAL content, do make the same observation as you do with a playlist generated in the TIDAL application?