Tidal tracks not available in Roon but they are in Tidal app

In this case its the soundtrack to Almost Famous. In the Tidal app I can play the whole album, but more than half the album’s tracks aren’t available through Roon.

Interesting. Here in the Netherlands, looking at that album using the Qobuz desktop app gives a listing of 9 tracks. Via Roon, 17 tracks are listed, 8 of which are marked as unavailable, leaving the same 9 playable tracks as are listed in the Qobuz app. There’s obviously a rights issue going on; perhaps TIDAL hasn’t quite caught up on it yet?

But I can play the whole album in Tidal app.

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I just noticed this issue with Tidal in last day or 2
where all tidal songs in my play list are not available
to play through Roon.Just dbl checking that there is nothing
to do at this time and that it is all related to Tidal’s network?

Hi Tony. Unfortunately, sometimes tracks in playlists do have their regional streaming rights revoked (which is really annoying), but as described above, there are some issues that we’re continuing to work with TIDAL to resolve. You can always check what should be streamable in Roon by checking TIDAL’s own apps.

I wonder if TIDAL is changing some of their metadata and it hasn’t made its way to Roon yet?

I have an album in my library “The Agony & The Ecstasy” by High Contrast. It worked last week, it doesn’t work now. Roon shows a second TIDAL version, which works.

Searching on TIDAL returns only one result for that album now – which happens to be the one I haven’t added to my library.

I am experiencing lots of “This track is currently unavailable from TIDAL” for albums that were recently working fine.

Tidal does withdraw and add in versions of the same album all the time.

Before buying a lifetime subscription to Roon I subscribed to Tidal.Roon’s claim of being well integrated with Tidal is the main reason I purchased the lifetime membership.All of the sudden in the last week I am not able to use a Roon playlist of tidal songs?Seems very strange.What has happened to Roon’s relationship with Tidal?Are you actively working on repairing this issue?Is a fix imminent?

can you play the playlist in the Tidal app?

Hi Tony, at this time we have no further update at this time beyond the information that @brian posted a week ago and I linked to above.

No,because the playlist is a Roon built list consisting of a combo of NAS high res tracks & Tidal tracks. This playlist named “easy listening” only shows up in Roon.

Ok can you play the tidal tracks in the tidal app.

Yes Tidal tracks are playing fine in Tidal app.

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This is still not fixed. Why? Tidal albums can have tracks marked" unavaliable" in Roon but are available in Tidal. Why is this, and how can it be avoided?

Same Here, just added Seven Days Walking (Day 6) of Ludovico Einaudi. Roon tells me that the tracks are unavailable but I can play them fine in Tidal. I tried to delete the album from Roon and re-add it from Tidal but still not working