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I’m using Roon on my iPhone and have selected my office for the audio zone. When I use Tidal to search for music, I often get this message:

“Tracks played are unavailable.”

What are the tracks unavailable?

Which tracks? Examples?

Choosing compositions, it says tracks are unavailable.

If I select a choice under discography, it will play the tracks, but if I choose from compositions, it invariably states tracks are unavailable.

If I go through the same composition page and then scroll down to the recordings, they all work for me. I know, not very helpful. No idea, but seems to be something specific for you, not a general issue

Hi @Kevin_Bobrowsky,

Following up on your thread here, how is your mac connected to your network? If you haven’t yet tested out hardwiring it to your router via ethernet, please give that a try.

I’d also examine your Mac firewall settings to ensure Roon is set as an exception. Or, you can also test out temporarily disabling the Mac firewall and see if your issue persists.

Lastly, if you can take note of the date, time, as well as the name of the track playing when the issue occurs, and share that information here that would be helpful.

I’ll be on standby for your reply, thanks! :+1:

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