Tidal tracks played only after second attempt [Bug being fixed]

I’m in the evaluation period of Roon and after importing my library together with my Tidal favorites, for any track I want to play from my favorite albums I have to try to play the track twice before it actually starts playing.

On my machine I can reproduce it this way:

  1. Open the album from my favorites I want to play
  2. Click a track and select “Play now”
  3. Roon shows “Playing 1 track” (this one is without the blue “undo” button which normally appears) but nothing is played.
  4. After repeating steps 1 and 2 second time I get “Playing 1 track Undo” (the blue Undo is present now) and the track starts playing.
  5. After this the track seems to be “fixed” and plays normally. But I’d have to do this for all Tidal favorites which is crazy.

There’s no such problem in Audirvana or the official Tidal app. Also, this problem is only present for the favorite albums that got imported from Tidal - any other Tidal (or local) file plays fine.

Using Roon Build 208 on OS X Sierra 10.12.3. My location is Czech Republic if it matters for Tidal.

I can replicate this behavior on Windows as well. However I get a different behavior. In my case I see a “Track is not available” error. If I press play again, the song will play just fine.

Hi @Jiri_Techet — Thank you for the feedback, we are looking into it!


I had the same issue just now playing a Tidal MQA track not in my library. iPad Pro, latest software.

Hi @Jiri_Techet ----- Thank you for your patience here while we have been looking into this issue for you.

We have tested in house using the steps provided in your post and unfortunately we can not seem to reproduce this behavior on our end. With that being said, I wanted to touch base to see if you are still having this issue and if there has been any new progress or observations made since we last spoke.

Looking forward to your feedback!


I think this happens to me if I play a Tidal Master that I have in my Library but not from my library i.e. From the Master section.

@Eric It seems to happen only from the TIDAL section from the sidebar (and for instance not from Overview). But any tidal album under “Your Favorites” I get this behavior (not only tidal masters). It is insteresting that this doesn’t happen e.g. when searching for the album - then it plays fine, it’s just the tidal browser.

I can reproduce, too. Thanks for the report – we’ve opened a ticket.

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This was fixed in last week’s build! Thanks again!

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