Tidal tracks present after fresh install (w/o choosing any Tidal collections)

Can someone help me understand why some Tidal tracks are appearing in my library after a fresh install? I didn’t choose to add any of the Tidal “collections” and this install is on a newly partitioned drive. I’ve manually added a few Tidal albums into the library since the install, but certainly not the 20,446 tracks that Roon is currently reporting.

The only other thing worth mentioning is I did have a Roon library on another drive which probably had that many Tidal tracks because I chose most of the collections, but that drive is currently unplugged.


TIDAL content is Roon is synced to and from your TIDAL library.

If you added a collection on a previous install they’ve been synced to your TIDAL account, and if you’ve logged into the same TIDAL account on your new install, they’ve been synced back to Roon.

Since you’ve wiped your old install, the collection tags are gone now, but if you can remember which collections you’ve added, you should be able to re-tag all the albums in Roon by using TIDAL > Collections, after which you can follow the instructions here to remove them all from your library.

If you don’t care about your TIDAL content at all, you can also follow these steps:

  • In Settings > General, set Show Hidden Tracks and Albums to Yes
  • Go to the album browser
  • Sort by Import Date
  • Focus on TIDAL

Because TIDAL albums use the date they were favorited as their import date, it should be be easy to select and delete all the albums from the day you added the collections.

Just be careful to only delete TIDAL content – if you select local files they will be deleted from your hard drive.

Sorry for the trouble here @Keith_Ellis – let me know if any of the above is unclear, and be careful deleting :scream:

Makes perfect sense, but I have a few more questions now.

What is sync’d from TIDAL and added into the library?

I’m now noticing in my TIDAL account all the favorites that must’ve been added from Roon. Wow, so many!! I haven’t favorited many things in Roon previously. When you add a TIDAL collection into Roon, are those albums then marked as favorites in TIDAL?

Tracks and by extension albums. Artists are shown in TIDAL > Your Favorites

With the current mechanism, yes – we don’t currently have a way to show something as part of your library if it’s not a Favorite on TIDAL, so collections are marked as favorites in your TIDAL account.

This has caused a good deal of confusion, but adding an additional “layer” (meaning, in my Roon library, but not in my TIDAL favorites) is a pretty big piece of work that hasn’t made it to the top of our backlog, yet.