Tidal tracks skipping: "The track is not currently available from TIDAL" [Resolved]

Hi everyone, this issue is resolved now. Please let us know if you continue to have any trouble, and thanks again for your patience!


@kevin What about this issue? Still there, still won’t play in Roon but will play in Tidal. Thats one track as an example but there are many. Its a bit … presumptuous to give your own post as a solution so a thread closes when it doesn’t actually fix peoples problems.

Hi Kevin, thanks a lot!

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But this is a completely different problem. I wrote about it before in this thread. Misunderstanding and confusion occured when people began to write about tracks skippings in that thread. But I think it shouldn’t be closed and must be investigated separately.

It is “completely different”, but then why did @Kevin close your thread and say this thread was the solution for it. Hard to have it both ways. Either we talk about it there or here, sadly we can’t talk about there anymore because of the above. So here I am.

It’s a mistake. This can be a solution for my thread but not for that.

Sorry for the confusion! I’ve reopened discussion for this issue here:


Thanks, It appeared like it was being swept under the rug and only the intermittent playback was being looked at.

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I think you just need to move unrelated messages to this topic.

This started yesterday for me and remains today after several reboots and restarts. Won’t play anything, including personal tracks or streaming radio.

Works again now. Thanks.

That sounds like you have a different / bigger problem if it won’t play radio / your own music. Not related to Tidal. Perhaps start a new support thread detailing exactly what’s going on and someone can help you.

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All appears normal again. :+1:

Any info on what was causing it?

I still experience this problem. What can I do?

I had to log out of Tidal and log back in before it started working. Maybe that?

tt‘s definitv not solved:

It’s another problem that’s discussing in another thread:

Though I’m a little hesitant to speak too soon, it does look like the problem has been resolved.
Unlike the previous 2~3 days, today, I’ve not had one problem with ‘this track is not available on Tidal’.