Tidal tracks stutter

After playing a track from Tidal, playback starts and 1-2 seconds in there is a crackling/stuttering sound. It might appear the middle of the track sometimes as well.

Core: MacBook running Roon 1.4 (310)

• Only seems to happen with Tidal tracks and not with local media.
• Direct ethernet connection to my router (Eero), ethernet connection to ISP (WebPass 1G), real world speeds are around 800/800Mbps up/down.
• Tried switching to WiFi on the Macbook and same behavior
• I don’t think I’ve ever had this issue in the past and seems a recent regression.


Hi @NBD ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us, very appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in our understanding of this behavior may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  1. Are you noticing the “crackling/stuttering” when streaming to all of your endpoint or just some?

  2. Can you please provide a screenshot of your signal path when yo notice the mentioned “crackling/stuttering”.

  3. Does Roon ever generate an error of warning message when the “crackling/stuttering” occurs?

  4. While it may seem a touch elementary, since noticing this behavior have you tried rebooting not only your core machine but your endpoints and any relevant networking hardware as well?


Well, (un)fortunately I haven’t seen this issue since. I also moved my music library (14k) over to a NAS and haven’t seen it since.

Will update if this comes up again.

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