Tidal trial membership with Roon Life Membership gift

Joined Roon life membership yesterday through gift purchase and didn’t find the 90 day free Tidal trial. Tried to start the 30 days Tidal membership offered and to at least get going but could not get it to work. Wrote to Tidal customer service and they said that because I had a trial membership about 3 to 4 years ago that I wasn’t eligible. I have only 1 email address I can use and cannot change the account. My system back then was totally different and I was looking forward to trying Tidal with Roon and my new Auralic Vega G2. Looking for help to get my free 90 day Tidal trial.

Why don’t you use Tidal and Roon under a separate email address you create.

Thank you. I may need to do that but prefer only as a last resort. I already have too much going on with work email (company won’t allow personal use) and personal emails and would like to avoid opening another email account. I think Roon should have a disclaimer if this was an issue.