Tidal unable to Login from Roon

Tidal sent an email Thursday 12th asking for me to renew my password. I had not actioned this
but when I opened ROON this evening it stated TIDAL services were not logged on.

I then updated my password as instructed by TIDAL and then returned to ROON and went to TIDAL services to LOGIN. I have entered the correct EMAIL and Password. I repeatedly get the message
“There was an unexpected error, please check your account details. (MissingMethod)”

I am controlling ROON from an IPAD Pro, my ROON core is an INNOUS Zenith MK2.

I can login with the correct Email and password on the TIDAL app on the IPAD no problem and play my selection. I even deleted the IPAD login and reinstalled just to be sure.

ROON is now only displaying the music ripped to the hard disc, in services it says TIDAL is not configured.

I have removed power and rebooted the Zenith and the IPAD.

My subscription to TIDAL is active and my payment method is valid until 2023

Please let me know what I need to do. I have never had any serious problems from your software in the past.

I look forward to hearing from you how to resolving my issue

Kind regards

Paul Robinson

Welcome to the forum, @Paul_Robinson1!

Do you have the latest version of Roon installed on your iPad? TIDAL has changed the way you login in using Roon, so when you go to Settings > Services > TIDAL and click Login a browser window should open. Once you successfully logon, your Roon and TIDAL accounts are connected.

Hi Martin

The IPAD tablet software version of ROON is 1.7 (Build 500) stable.
However I cannot see how to force a further update, there is no update button or link? Normally the software tells me is an upodate is available.

The Build on the Zenith is 1.7 (build 528) which I believe is the most up to date.

Currently when I click on services/Tidal/Login a window opens asking for Username and Password.
I have just tried this again and get the same response as before, despite another ROON core reboot.
“There was an unexpected error, please check your account details.(missing method)”

Please advise, it is getting late in the UK I will have to pick this up tomorrow morning.

Many thanks for your help.



Your iPad should also be on build 528. Update this, restart and try logging in again.

Had the same problem in my configuration with Zenith se and iPad. Now After update iPad to build 528 it‘s fixed and works well as before.
Unfortunately build 528 for iPad was not available before today.
I‘m happy it works again, but offering the updates simultanuosly could avoid such problems in the future!

By deleting and reinstalling Roon control on my IPad I was able to get to build 528 and all is now working, many thanks Paul Robinson


Updates are released at the same time. However, it takes a little longer for apps to hit the App Store and propagate to all regions.

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