Tidal very slow to load

Roon nucleus
Mac OS 11.6.1

I know this issue has come up before, but I can’t find a solution to Tidal loading very slowly. It can sometimes take 5 minutes for a song to start playing and I’m frequently seeng an “Error loading page, please check your network connection” message.
I’ve tried changing the DNS to and delete the Roon cache, but with no effect.
I have no problem running Tidal on the app.
I’m using a Mu-so 2 over a word ethernet connection

I’m connecting to the internet with a draytek 2830 and have no problem with any other internet connections

Hey @Andrew_Sykes, thanks so much for your patience while you waited for a response. We’re so sorry that it took a while :pensive:

I appreciate you trying a DNS change and deleting the cache folder… sorry that this didn’t help!

I wonder, have you tried to log out of TIDAL in Roon, reboot your Core and router, and log back in to TIDAL in Roon? If not, could you please give this a try?

Thanks so much!

Thank you. That seems to have done the trick.

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