Tidal vs Arc vs Roon

I just signed up for tidal and the idea of Roon with tidal is obviously new

At home, I’ve been bouncing between tidal app and Roon app.
In the car I can’t see why the arc over tidal.

What do people use, and why? Especially arc vs tidal.


My reasons for using ARC are:

  1. Remote access to entire library
    It offers me remote access to the same music that I have at home. This does not only allow me to play it, but also to like it, tag it… Not only my subscription (Qobuz instead of Tidal in my case), but also music I have purchased and stored locally in my Roon library (CD rips, digital downloads). If you do not care about tagging and having it update in Roon and Tidal is your only source, then this may not be a benefit for you.
  2. Offline use
    It allows me to download my locally stored music onto my mobile device so that I can also play it offline.
    Note that only local music can be stored on the mobile device. Tidal and Qobuz tracks cannot be downloaded using ARC. As 90% of my library is local tracks and only 10% is Qobuz this is a benefit for me. If Tidal is your only source you might indeed be better off with the Tidal app if this is important to you.
  3. History
    All my play history is kept in one place. Tracks I play on ARC will show in my history in Roon. This also means I can use focus mode to find music I haven’t played in a while.
    Not everyone cares about this. I do.
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@SvenM Thanks for taking the time for the above write-up.

WRT History, does Roon pass the history information to Tidal? So if I was using ARC and then moved to a Tidal only player, the history helps with generated playlists?

Same with Roon, does it get the Tadal Player’s history?


In the car I listen to SiriusXM, mostly the Real Jazz channel but other channels as well. I like the fact that with Sirius I don’t have to keep changing or selecting music, it’s just set it and forget it.

For other away from home listening I use either the Qobuz app or the Tidal app on my iPhone or iPad. I also have a FiiO M11 Plus with lots of music stored on a microSD card, for when Wi-Fi or cell data is not available or reliable.

Due to the large size of my Roon music library I find ARC to be pretty much unusable. Either ARC will not connect to my Roon server or the times that I am able to get it to work, ARC drains the battery in my iPhone while overheating the phone. I sometimes use PlexAmp if I want to listen to my local music files while on the go with my iPhone.

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It’s been a while since I was a SXM subscriber, but agree, Real Jazz is an excellent channel. locally, I listen to WRTI, and its HD2 jazz stream.

ARC is just not stable enough to use on a regular basis.

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