Tidal - What's New

First a disclaimer. I’ve twice trialed Tidal, when they first became available in the US and then shortly after their acquisition. In both cases I barely lasted a week. Initially buffering was a serious issue, but the interface was the deal breaker both times. I’ve been a very happy Deezer user for the last 6 months. Your software and it’s integration with Tidal has made me commit to using both for the next year. Sorry Deezer.

One feature of Deezer I found very useful was New Releases. This brought up a list of streaming albums sorted by release date that you could filter by genre and sub-genre. This allows me to identify new releases I’d want to purchase. Yes, I still buy music, I don’t consider streaming a substitute. For me streaming is primarily a way to discover new music/artists. I don’t know if your access to Tidal’s library would make something like this possible, but I think many users would find it useful.

If you haven’t tried Deezer, you should check them out. Best streaming UI I’ve found so far.

It will never happen

We’ve done a lot of work with our friends at Deezer over the years, and we’ve integrated their API at least twice.

The current Tidal integration is much deeper than we’ve been able to do with any service in the past, and has required lots of careful collaboration on both sides. It’s been a ton of work, but we think it’s a much better experience than the type of “light” integration we’ve done in the past, and it’s set a higher bar going forward. Hopefully you guys agree :smile:

So, for now we continue to improve our Tidal integration, but we are absolutely open to integrating other services as soon as possible. I’ll let everyone know more as soon as I can, but if you want to see Deezer integrated in Roon, feel free to let them know too :wink:


I’ve also had issues with Tidal and would raise it with them however they can’t even get my logon sorted - other people I know have had a range of issues and unless they get their act together they will likely fail in time. They offered me (as they tend to do when a complaint is made) free access for a period as a sweetener but missed the point that I could not even access their products making the offer pointless - fat lot of good that was.

Hi definitely want to see Deeza integrated - TIDAL is a great experience however the music offered is not as much to my liking as Deeza, love Deeza Flow. Because Deeza is not intergrated Ive started listing to Deeza via a web browser which means I miss out on the benefits of Roon. I really want my cake and to eat it to :slight_smile:


I guess this topic is dead? Is Roon never going to integrate Deezer? I wonder why?