Tidal will not play [macOS Monterey not supported yet]

I have Roon Core operating on my MacBook Pro. Roon playing from my iPhone in addition to an iFi-Audio Zen Stream. All music services except for Tidal play fine, including Qobuz and local files.

When I attempt to play a Tidal file, the icon shows music activity panning back and forth without the track starting. This occurs while using MacBook speakers, iPhone and Zen Stream as output source.

Have tried removing Tidal and logging in again. Have tried deleting the Roon Tidal cache. Nothing has resolved the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.

Update: I am running the latest Monterey beta—from other posts I’m curious if this may be part of the issue. I’m aware of a possible Roon beta in the works addressing these issues but like many other users on here, I can’t seem to locate any avenues for enrolling in beta testing. Any resources would be appreciated!

Hey @Steven_Klemow

Welcome to our Roon Community and thank you for posting your question. We’d be happy to help explain what’s happening here. Your hunch was right on the money. Monterey will be fully tested with Roon just prior to official release by Apple but isn’t compatible at the moment.

Here’s a link to our official statement regarding compatibility.

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