Tidal won't link to roon[Solved]

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Yes, I am still having this problem… My tidal works fine in tidal… But when I try to enter my details in Roon, so I can use tidal though Roon, Roon immediately tells me there is an error.

Please help

Hey @miyagi1218 – sorry for the trouble here.

Can you confirm you’ve restarted Roon and the problem persists? What does the error say? Also, where are you located, and what kind of TIDAL account are you using (HiFi or Premium)?

I have premium (19.99 month)

Also I am in the USA…

Hi Oliver,

The cost of the Tidal premium account is $9.99 per month.
The cost of the Tidal Hi Fi account (lossless streaming) is $19.99 per month.

It’s a confusing nomenclature by Tidal but if you are paying $19.99 per month in the USA then you probably have the Hi Fi account.

I have the 19.99

But still my roon no longer recognizes tidal… When I put in the correct password it just shows an error message.

When I go outside of Roon and directly to tidal my password works fine

Did you have a trial account in Tidal ? Some users have reported issues where Tidal/Roon is seeing the expired trial account.

Not a trial account… I’ve had it for months as well

Hello @miyagi1218,

Would you mind to share your Roon logs with us, so we can figure out what exactly is happening. Instruction was sent to you via PM.


soon 1.1
mac 10.11
2.7 icore5 8gb ram
macbook pro early 2015 13" retina

I have no idea what you mean when asking for logs… I went to the link

entered the support id… but I don’t remember being directed to logs…

Is there a phone number I could call to end this exchange quicker?


my direct email is #

Hi @miyagi1218 – the Support ID uploads logs to our server automatically, so we’re going to have a look at them and then we’ll follow up here when we have some more information.

Thanks for your patience!

Hi Oliver,

I edited out your email details to avoid spam, intrusion of privacy etc. The devs have access to the email associated with your account and can also communicate with you by private message (PM) on this board. If they need any further email address they will contact you by PM.

With Vova and Mike on the job I expect this issue will be resolved for you asap.

HI @miyagi1218 – we took a look at your logs and from what we can see Roon isn’t able to communicate with TIDAL at all. This looks like what I’d expect with a corporate firewall, or a configuration issue with a proxy.

Any chance you have a proxy set up in your web browser? Anything notable about your network that would be blocking Roon from talking to TIDAL?

No idea how this all works… Reinstalled a fresh file and u ire works flawlessly


Thanks for info @miyagi1218, glad you were able to sort this out.

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