TIDAL Works, Qobuz does not

I am having the same issue. This only seems to have happened since the update that I just did. Tidal works fine from Roon but Qobuz does not. Qobuz works fine from the NAIM app, just not Roon. I have tried logging out of Qobuz and logging back in but the Qobuz tracks never play. I have a NAIM NDX2 with latest firmware.


Hi Jason (@heidelj),

Welcome to the forum. Can you please use this thread as a guide to provide more details regarding your setup?

Does the Qobuz web player still work as expected (play.qobuz.com)?
Are you able to play Qobuz content to any of your zones (other than the Naim)?

Glad its not just me. (Not that I use tidal, just Qobuz)
As I’m on the free 14 day trial, and 4 days in this is not allowing to me asses the app. Right now, I thinking of just using the Naim app to drive Qobuz and my NAS library. Apart from thefancy upscaling, I only have one end point ( my ND5XS2) so am struggling to (yet) see the appeal.

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