TIDAL, wow, and a suggestion/dream

Just reactivated my Tidal subscription to test out with Roon. Wow. This is very nice. If the other pieces of Roon come together as promised (iOS app and Roon Speakers) this is really gonna be awesome.

The only thing I’d like to see happen is have the ability to determine which TIDAL faves appear in Roon and which don’t. There are albums I’d favorite in TIDAL for portable use that I don’t need in my library at home.

I think in a future build we are going to make TIDAL favorites and what to add to your library different. Roon add-to-library will be kept in our databases, and not use the favorites of TIDAL.

Too many people have different ideas of what those stars in TIDAL mean.

Thanks. That would be helpful. I still think the rest of Roon is so good it doesn’t need TIDAL. :slight_smile: