Tidals “Suggested albums for you”

In Tidals own app there is a category “Suggested albums for you” and “Suggested artists formyou”

I was glad to find out that this works differntly then the “recommendations” tab in Roons Tidal page. The recommendations tab is nothing more then a choice of Tidal itself and does in no way reflect any of my own musical taste. The suggested categories in Tidals own app are at least based on my listening habbits, while not nearly as good as the recommendation from Deezer it is at least much better then the recommendations.

So the request is, can the “suggested” category be implemented in Roon?


Have you found or used Similar To, Collaborated With, Influenced By, and/or Followed By sections at the bottom of an Artist’s page?

Yes, I use them regurlary. But the suggestions work differently. While not by far as good as Deezers they are recommendation based on a very broad range of music I listen to. The similar to etc is nice when you are allready narrowing down. I discover lots of new music in Deezer, that’s the reason I still have two streaming accounts.