Tidial is too slow in my Roon

Hello, I’m using your awesome program with my NUC8i5BEH.

I just updated Roon ROCK 1.8 in my NUC core and I found out that in my setting right now tidal is too slow in certain conditions.

As I mentioned, I’m using Roon core with my NUC and I’m using it with Schiit DAC through USB connection. And I connected my core to router through Ethernet cable, not wifi.

When I play tracks from tidal in my library in Roon, there are very short delay(shorter than a second, absolutely fine in my view) but whenever I search some new album in Tidal through Roon and play it, it takes like more than 10 seconds to play.

I tried almost every solutions that I could think. I restarted my network devices like router, I also restarted the Roon Core, and I tried Google DNS service, but there was no difference.

Pleas give me some advice to fix this problem, because this is pretty irritating.

Thank you very much.

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