Time count - suggestion


I would like to thank for the great work done on the release 1.8. Many of us users don’t know how much time we play with each device, but it is a relevant informations, has it help everyone to know when their equipment should be serviced.

In this sense, I would like to request that the time listened feature be extended to each device. The idea would be for each device to have to time counters, being:

  1. Total Payed Time ← This counter can’t be reset
  2. Played Time ← A reset time function should be available to restart the play time (user to decide).

The above function would help a loot as it is, but if you wish to improve on this, I guess the next step would be to have a list of time to service for each roon ready device and each time the “Total Payed Time” passed through one of the markers a waring message could pop up to inform the user he need to service the unit.

Many thanks

Filipe de Melo Cunha