Time for a Danish translation?

(Kenneth Jonge) #1

Please set up a section for translating Roon to Danish

(Jedburgh) #2

I will assist with this as much as time permits!

(Rene Bouwmeester) #3

From the Translation Guidelines:

Establish a core team of 3-5 persons max incl. the admin. Create a private thread for these people to discuss, arbitrate and manage scores.

As soon as you’ve got a handful of people willing to assist and someone willing to take the admin role (could be you!), I’m sure Roon would gladly get things into motion.

This thread is a great place to gather interest.

(Mikkel Antonsen) #4

I too would gladly assist

(Danny Dulai) #5


let @mike know if you are interested in being an admin

(Thomas Nielsen) #6

I am all in. In fact I have already started… somehow I missed the fact that an admin was required. Sorry 'bout that. :wink:
For what it is worth, I have done technical translation since mid 90’s and work with numerical methods in my daily job. I love languages, men syer ikke mit tøj selv.

  • Thomas

(Thomas Nielsen) #7

I have made the first attempt at translating the Common Words list and commented on some of the issues that I see already with regard to quirks between Danish and English grammar.