Time to have a word with your primary upstream provider - they're bloody lazy and sloppy and it hurts Roon

There are many, many examples of this, but this one is of the kind that takes the cake. Just how bloody lazy and sloppy are TiVo /Rovi?

A recent compilation album covering songs by Leonard Cohen and they couldn’t be bothered exercising their intellect long enough to add the album year or a composer entry when it’s a complete no-brainer. Given they charge for this metadata I think it’s incumbent on them to lift their game, substantially!

There’s a release date for a CD release present (but no composers):

It’s pathetic. There are clearly no standards or they simply can’t keep up.

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Another work of TiVo genius, this time they simply omit track 10 Etude for Ph. Machine, roll track 11-19 up one and have an untitled track 19.

Sad thing is these are recent releases, pointing to their current state of play. Do they do any QA at all?