Timecoded Lyrics start 102 seconds too late (Chris de Burgh - "Last Night" on the "Into The Light" Album)

Rather a strange issue with the timecoded lyrices (supplied by Roon) on Chris de Burgh’s song “Last Night”, on the “Into the Light” album, track 1, to be precise.
The first line is only highlighted after 1’42" and by then Chris has already sung quite a few lines! After that, the following lines ar highlighted one after another at what seems a correct pace, but never in sync with what is sung at the time.


Hans Valeton

Today I found another Timecoded Lyrics error, this time in the song “Stronger than Me [Jazz Intro]” on Amy Winehouse’s album “Frank”
The title of this track should perhaps better have read “Jazz Intro / Stronger than Me”, thus empasizeing the fact that only after a short intro the song Stronger than Me actually starts…
Why do I say this and what does it have to do with Timecoded lyrics?..:
Well, the Timecoded Lyrics for Stronger than me start scrolling right off the bat, already during the Intro, so that when Stronger than me finally starts, the fifth line of the lyrics is already highlighted.
So I suppose that these time codes were originally made for a seperately tracked Stronger than Me. On some releases/editions of this album “Intro” and “Stronger than Me” indeed were two seperate tracks, e.g. on the Phantom Import Distribution" CD release, the “Universal” Digital Download Release and the “Island” CD release of February 17th 2004.
I’m not sure which version I have because I didn’t rip it myself.
If only I could copy the time coded lyrics from the TiVo database by exporting the Flac file! But lyrics are unfortunately not included in the set of metadata that Roon puts in the exported Flac files. Pity!

On the same Frank album, the track “I Heard Love Is Blind” has its time-coded lyrics lagging about one line (some four or five seconds, I believe) behind.

In the lyrics for the song “In My Bed” there’s this omnipresent and very irritating habit to misspell “It’s” as “Its”.

On “Help Yourself” the lines in the timecoded lyrics are highlighted just a second or so too late.