Timeline in Browser

I use Genre as my primary way of accessing my library and the second method is timeline. I organise this in JRiver by having a view by decade of the recording (not album version). I find this to be a very easy and clear way of entering my library that is orthogonal to Genre.
The timeline would also work as a view when an album is playing: show other albums by artist, genre or timeline. Likewise ,when playing a track, show a timeline of other versions of the same song before and after this one - I would ADORE that since I love covers.
I propose to you that timeline would be a natural addition to the organising principles of Roon and that is missing (so far as I can tell) in the current application.


+1 very good idea !

Focus/Years will enable you to view the library by year of the recording and you can move the markers to refine to a decade. Once you get a view that suits you, bookmark and name it to access it again with a single click. The bookmark is dynamic and will update as you add further albums within that view.

Interesting idea to have timeline option, perhaps on the play screen.