Timeline modulation flat [Answered]

I just added a Brahms Piano Concerto #2 24/96 to my Room library. Normally with CD or high deff import the music timeline modulates with the music, with Tidal it is flat. With this new high def import the timeline is flat. Why? and how do I fix it? Thank you.

Roon cannot analyse Tidal content in the way it does with local content.

It is a file 24/96 not Tidal content that is my question no modulation of the timeline like it was Tidal not a local file

This means that Roon hasn’t performed audio analysis on the file yet. Check Settings -> Library and make sure that background audio analysis is enabled and also make sure that on-demand analysis is enabled. I usually set on-demand to “Fast” and in that case the waveform should display shortly after starting playback if Roon hasn’t already analyzed the file.

Thank you AMP

Esoteric Audio is part of Teac Yes? I hve an Esoteric disk player expensive but very good.

Nope. High-end audio dealer located in Phoenix, AZ. We were around many years before TEAC spun up the Esoteric brand.