Tip If Installing Ropieee on Raspberry P400 (the Pi built into a keyboard)

Total noob here. Be gentle…

Was installing Ropieee on new raspberry pi P400 (the one that’s built into a keyboard). Was having problems after flashing SD card, inserting it, and booting device. Install “stalled”.

After mucking around a bit, realized that Ropiee install was trying to reboot Pi between install stages.
Turns out, that’s a problem with the P400 because it has a “soft power switch” (Ctrl-F10) built into the keyboard which apparently prevents a remote reboot. Had to manually re-power the device twice (I unplugged/replugged) to get install to finish. After that, smooth sailing.

Yes, I realize NOW that keyboard is not particularly useful for Ropiee. Will order another bare-bones raspberry pi4 and substitute if for the P400. Then can re-purpose the P400 – likely with a monitor attached to serve a different function.

Cheers to all you out there in the community!

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