Tips for Virgin Media & Deco Mesh (UK) - Roon Arc

Got ARC up and running - quick tips for anyone using Virgin Media Hub3 and a mesh network.

  1. Set up port forwarding in the mesh app/settings - remember the port number (55000 by default)
  2. Log in to the VM hub 3
  3. Make sure upnp is on and enabled (advanced settings)
  4. In advanced settings, go to security
  5. Enter the IP address shown in the Roon ‘error code’ (its the second IP shown here - 192.168.0.XX (the xx is the only part you can change in VM settings)
  6. For each of the 4 ‘port’ boxes add the same port number as above (i.e. 55000)
  7. Save all and restart.

Took about 10 mins to get it working - all good now.

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Hi @Tim_Grey,

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience on Community. If you don’t mind, the team would like to add this to our growing Routers and ISPs list, where users have started to pool wisdom around certain modem/router and ISP combinations.

I’ll list it with your permission. I hope you enjoy ARC and Roon 2.0!

Go for it

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