Title not in the library problem


I´ve a little problem with one album. I have cleared the belonging files before at the NAS. When I want to clear this album in Roon client, it is not possible, there is an error message, that the files could not be found. After that the album is still there. What should I do to clear this album?

Thanks for the help

You could try a rescan or restart the NAS.

Thanks for the fast answer. This is not the solution. I need a kind of reorganize the database, because for this album the source files does not exist anymore at the NAS. The annoying problem is, that such album cannot be removed with the normal function, because there is this error message, that the files does not exist, and the removing of the album is stopped

If at all possible, recover the actual files and copy them back at the original directory. Then, do a rescan of the watched folder.
Normally, you will be able to delete in the normal way.
I had the same problem this afternoon😁

Thanks, I´ve had the same idea, but my Auralic Aries G2 HDD has no Recycle Bin :frowning_face:

No backup somewhere? Or cd ?

Or maybe you can create a fake album with the exact same track titles.
You will also need to edit the embedded metadata to reflect the track title, track nr. and so on.
I don’t know if this will work, but cannot think about 1 reason why it would make things worse. My guess is as good as your trial!??

problem is solved. Obviously, when the roon core is restarted the albums without existing links to the source files are removed from database…

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