Titles from Local Files do not play out

Roon Core Machine

QNAP TS-1277XU-RP (AMD Ryzen 5 2600 6 Core; 16GB), Firmware

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Separated VLANs, Palo Alto PA-220 as router, Roon Core and Roon Clients separated, Multicast configured and working for Streaming (Qobuz)

Connected Audio Devices

Local Audio on PC (Desktop, Laptop; Windows 11)

Number of Tracks in Library

about 9000 Tracks

Description of Issue

Playing tracks from Streaming Sources (Qobuz) is working fine, both if clients are on the same subnet or on a separate subnet as the QNAP is.
Playing tracks from local file (QNAP folders) are not played out - both if clients are on the same subnet or on a different. Playing starts, but no audio, no progress of the timer - nothing happens.

I am new on Roon, just installed it a week ago (Test period ending in 6 days), searched Knowledgebase and Community, but did not find any hint.
Any help is much appreciated.

Many Thanks

I can be more specific on that problem now:

  • I have set up a second Roon Core on a Windows 11 PC, put aside to the QNAP system in the same VLAN, connecting to the same network folders / library residing on the QNAP system.
  • I made not further changes to the firewall setting with regard to Multicast.
  • I can play out any title - both from the local lib as from the streaming service on all the client devices I tested - from multiple different VLANs configured for Multicast.
  • I have also added iOS devices to the setup, and all behave the same way.

Conclusion: It is rarely a network problem, it is likely to be a problem of the QNAP Core. There are almost no settings I can make on the Roon Core.

Regarding the QNAP it has to be mentioned, that the system has to network interfaces - one for management, one for user traffic, each connected to different VLANs. The management interface is not part of the Multicast group, however, the default route and the prefered interface are pointing to the one for user traffic, so Roon Core should stick to the right interface.

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