TLS security upgrade

  1. I have been using a Windows 7 (actually a MACBOOK 2010 with ) machine to play music. Works OK. Core is an I7 Win 10 machine

Is there a way to determine if the Windows 7 machine must be upgraded from TLS 1.0 to 1.3 before I go through all the downloads, hassle, etc. In other words, can I determine if the machine is already patched?

  1. For this Macbook 2010, would any version the the MAC OS it will run, suffice to run Roon?

Thank you

Hi Robert there is another thread from a couple of days ago, that has Link’s to the downloads needed for this (though there may be issues)

There is also the option of the free upgrade to windows 10 which takes this problem away. Given how long Windows 7 has been out of support, that might be a consideration for you.

Ah just found the thread

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