To indicate LOUDNESS show album gain on album page

Whilst dynamic range gives an indication about “loudness” I find the most accurate indication of an album being brickwalled is the album gain. I have a tab called brickwalled and when I check the gain for the albums in it they all are greater than -15.5.

could this be shown as well as or instead of dynamic range on the album page.

Likewise if track gain was an option when viewing tracks (as well or instead) of dynamic range.



Been asking for this forever, and been flatly ignored.

Album Gain should be shown alongside Dynamic Range wherever DR is on display. Don’t hold your breath though.


Please don’t add this unless it is optional. I’d rather be able to hide all of this kind of data. It is if no interest to me. YMMV.

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Agreed, it sould be and ifnim not mistaken already is optional.

Its a tiny tweak with valid use case in addition to @Sloop_John_B’s :

  • if I’m deleting duplicates DR alone doesn’t tell the story, yet it’s not presented alongside DR so I’m forced to listen to decide otherwise to dig through screens to find album gain hidden along with track level DR. Real useful in its current form.

No, it’s only optional in some views. You can’t remove it from the album detail page.

It seems crazy that we don’t see label on the album details page (as one used to in Sooloos, for example), but we do see what to me are totally irrelevant and nerdy statistics. YMMV. Why can’t they be hidden?

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Agreed with need to include label et al but DR is only irrelevant to you because you listen predominantly to classical, which is typically well recorded, enjoys huge dynamic range and isn’t overly loud - they actually understand what the volume pot on your preamp is for. Too many assholes at the mastering desk of popular music apparently don’t know what a volume pot is.

+1 for the Album Gain Display.
I’ve also asked for this feature before, but no response so far.
I consider album gain to be more useful than the DR display, so would happily replace the DR with Album Gain if it was only practical to display 1 parameter.

Stretching target: Also display the Track Gain along each track.

I use both these Gain displays to predict the volume setting required for the next album/track. Of course, best of all would be to use the auto volume levelling function, but the audiophile in me won’t allow that because of a slight (but real) drop in sound quality. I’ve previiously reported on that as well, but it seems that the the Roon team doesn’t believe there’s a problem to fix with their DSP sound degradation. So I’ll settle for a Gain display in the interim…

Point well made, of course. Horse for courses. Which is why enabling/disabling features like this is a good idea. YMMV

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