To Nucleus or Not

Current set up:
Roon running on a Mac Book Pro.
External La Cie Hard Drive
Ragnarok-2 dac and amp.
Sounds pretty good to me.

What do I gain with Nucleus?

A standalone one click server solution.
They do appear to make usage and maintenance easy.
As you already have a solution. Not much.
Probably not what their sales team wants to read but . . . if you wished for an easy one stop. It is a good idea.
My $0.02

Try this for an interesting read…

Is The Nucleus the Best Buy ever? - Roon Software / Nucleus - Roon Labs Community

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A NUC/ROCK without the fiddly bits ?

If you’re happy with your current setup, nothing…

But otherwise the question is probably better broken down into two parts:

1/ What do I gain by running my Roon Core on a dedicated machine that is running 24/7

  • No need to wait for MacBook to boot up to play music
  • Ability for you (or others) to use a tablet or mobile phone to control playback while MacBook is shut down

2/ What do I gain with Nucleus?

  • A dedicated fanless device to achieve the above without having to build a NUC/Rock or maintain a more general purpose machine for that purpose.
  • See the thread Ace linked to above if your bored / want to hear 101 other opinions :wink:

When my Nucleus works, it’s an amazing experience. For the last year or so I can go 1-2 months with uninterrupted service. Than(like for the last week) It powers off several times a day.

I don’t see the point of a Nucleus if you’re already enjoying your system as is. If you want to run Roon Server elsewhere, get a NUC and run ROCK (or load it up on some old computer you’re not using). I turned an old 2012 MacMini into a ROCK and it’s sitting in my closet and runs flawlessly.