Today, Bob Stuart launches a blog

Today, Bob Stuart launches a blog explaining why MQA will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about sound. These authoritative ‘Insights’ explain how MQA has created a paradigm shift by disrupting decades of conventional audio wisdom.


“Our perspective on high-resolution is no longer a matter for opinion or debate.”




MQA as an answer to environmental concerns?!

If MQA itself (as a wonky superMP3) was not already, it has become obvious that Bob S has descended into the farcical. He is the L Ron Hubbard of (digital) audio. Those who went in with him are no doubt suffering a bit of embarrassment…

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I’ve got my feet up watching the NBA playoffs on the TV, music playing on the speakers and having an occasional peek on the iPad at this thread below which has a little more action.

To be honest I find all MQA discussions a bit tiring now - only because it’s same discussion (both the technical/objective and the subjective impressions) over and over.


Yet, oddly you keep having a peek…it’s like that B grade horror flick you can’t turn away from and you insist on rating and reviewing on rotten tomatoes… :yum:

Yep I did say I have an occasional peek… mostly on ad breaks :wink: probably hoping something new and refreshing to come up in the discussion but it’s all the same these days. Early on the discussion (both technical and subjective) was interesting at least.

And speaking of much the same, I see you post the same comments on both threads :grin:

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Still looking? Your an MQA rubbernecker! What do you think of Bob’s blog?

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I can no longer pretend to be on the fence about MQA. I’m against it. This blog makes it clear that MQA is aiming for audio hegemony, much like Dolby. The marketing speak and redefinition of already well-defined terms is an exercise in shameless goal post shifting. MQA is an unnecessary compression protocol (18 bit 96kHz FLAC is smaller) with leaky filters.

No, I haven’t listened to a complete end to end MQA system. Sometimes you don’t need to eat the Turkish Delight to know it’s a bad deal. I’m against them because of how they market themselves. False braggadocio is so 2016.


Never judge a book by its cover!?! I personally think that Flac 24/48 is plenty for everyone a happy medium much better than CD and is not so big. However I have proper MQA decoding and sounding superb and sometimes more convincing than red book CD.

Turkish Delight is lovely, a bit sticky on the teeth but… Dismissing without hearing? Prejudiced then, fair enough. Good to know. Personally I’ve heard it, end to end and it’s pretty impressive (on some tracks).

Not convinced hobbyists campaigning against manufacturers is appropriate or pretty. I don’t see the same angst on display for other, more dangerous monopolists threats to our society. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it, but you want to stop others buying it?

Yeah, consumers should just STFU and consume. :man_shrugging:

Got any concrete examples to back your assertion up ?

OK then shout but don’t expect anyone to listen (and the neighbours may be disturbed by the noise). How about a central London demo? Bring some placards? Why would you consume if you don’t like it? Just don’t buy it.

Concrete examples of nothing happening? mmmm just look around…

Do you understand the meaning of the words you use ?

Yeah, thought so…

Sounds like Bob Stuart is trying to revive MQA in desperation. It is still the old things again with some twist…
When will they going to give up??? Hehehe :yum:!

Awesome :+1: man! You are absolutely right!

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Who’s Bob Stuart and what’s “MQA”? :joy:


The blog should be called the “BS” Blog…


I thought it was a good read and am looking forward to more…
As Bob Dylan said when challenged about going electric “Your wrong man” :joy:

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Isn’t that also what Michael Jackson told the judge ? :stuck_out_tongue: