Today my trial starts

So today I start my first years trial… Let met start with a bit of background… After Logitech Squeezeboxes went out of production, I thought life stop there… Not really but I was very disappointing :frowning: The Squeezeboxes that where still out in the wild costed an arm an a leg… I was tired of having to pay high prices and thought about PiCore… I loved LMS and I was not about to give it up… But than my needs outgrew LMS… Looking around and doing research I came across a few options… I remember coming across the Roon Labs site and quickly got interested, But that interest was quickly shoot down by the price…

A few months pass and found MoodeAudio and settle for it… But I was lacking everything I wanted that LMS had and found my self using two types of software’s… Not efficient…

So I started doing some more research on “LMS replacement” and roon just came coming up… I couldn’t get pass the damn price…

One night I said to my self, I need to try this and see why this is so expensive…


Roon took my experience to a whole new level… It unlocked a world that I thought was never possible!
A converged audio network. Yes! I run Roon on almost everything… If I could upload roon to my wife, She probably would be a bridge as well!

I run Roon on all of my Systems… From Windows PC’s, To Mac, Linux, Android Tablets and Phones, iOS Tables and Phones, Sonos Player’s, Raspberry Pi’s, and I even enable the Squeezebox control… My Squeezeboxes found a new purpose in life! :smiley:

And the best part, Its all been managed from one central server… I had the spare resources sense I ran a Plex server, The equipment was just there been under utilized…

My audio experience has taken to a whole different level and I am not the only one enjoying it, My Family is too.

I hope you guys don’t go anywhere any time soon.

A Happy Family and Customer.


For you lurching Roon Labs. The price is worth every single cent! Not only the application is amazing. Support is out standing.
Enough said.


Far as I can tell Roon is going somewhere but that direction is only forward. Enjoy - for most there is no need to turn back. :smiley:

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For me the biggest problem with Roon is they behave like a drug dealer, once you get the free taste you’re addicted for life. I lasted all of about 8 hours into my free trial before I purchased.


Lol. Well said.
In fact addictive enough it’s costing me additional expenses as I’m looking into a Lenovo Tiny Desktop Core i5 as a dedicated server.

Like the @Tech_Whisky_Lab I’ve known about Roon for almost a year but always passed it on, the price was just damn too prohibitive. Then someone on Head-Fi asked me to give it a shake and that it’s worth every price.

So I did. Big “mistake”!! Got hooked.

In fact, my trial ends and paid membership starting today. I’m happy to be a full member. In fact the only reason I’m not subscribing to lifetime membership right away is to soothe my guilt on how much I’ve spent this month on Audio gears. Another month or two I’m definitely converting to a lifer.


There is not too many applications that bring families together, Roon is one of them.


I hear you all. 2 weeks into Roon and I’m at Microcenter with a cart full of CPUs, Mobos, cases, hard drives to build not one but two Roon cores (one for each house).

One really cool thing Roon did for me that I didn’t anticipate was re-animating all of my old hard drive bay audio visualizer hardware (Antec Veris type stuff). Now that I don’t have to split the analog audio signal to make the lights bounce (which degraded the signal, so I stopped), and I can use a second zone to output an audio signal just for the spectrum analyzer, I’ve been digging into the closet to find all the old gear I hadn’t used in 15 years…

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