Today's "Discover" feature


I should have stated in the comment box above that this is a fantastic recording. One of McGregor’s later recordings and one his best. A real showcase for his mastery of big band jazz. I don’t see the album on Tidal which is unfortunate.

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Today’s “Discover” feature - lunchtime edition

I started this discussion because I have a large music library with lots and lots of recordings that I rarely listen to or have forgotten that I own. Roon’s “Discover” feature functions similarly to randomly selecting some music to play but with the some additional background information. And Discover digs way deeper in the details of one’s music library by showing genres, labels, composers, performers (who may or may not have music listed under their own name), etc.

I invite everyone to use the Discover feature and post something interesting that was “rediscovered”.

Morning music courtesy of “Discover”

Getting back on track after the holiday.

Does anyone else use Roon’s wonderful “Discover” feature? If so then please post your discoveries.


I have this on vinyl, never thought to see if it was released on CD etc. Very well recorded LP as I remember.

You are correct the recording does sound very nice.