Today's Roon 1.8 Teaser email: An experience tailor-made to you (part 5 of 5)

While reading today’s Roon email I noticed something which I consider to be really great. Today’s email explains how release 1.8 will give you some insight into your listening habits and shows how Roon keeps track of your listening and how it reports that information back to you.

Here’s the part that I really like - these listening reports (for lack of a better phrase) use total time rather than track/song count. Hooray! As a long time scrobber I couldn’t be happier. uses track/song counts which heavily favors popular music listening, which tends to feature shorter track lengths, over other musical genres like jazz or classical, which tend to feature longer track lengths. I listen to lots and lots of jazz, jazz being by far my favorite genre, but when I look at listening history on I see a someone who listens to more popular/rock music than jazz. So thank you Roon labs development team for fixing this imbalance.

One day to go and I can’t wait!