Today's update (build 1432), an oddity with MacUpdater app

Thank you for today’s update!

It seems to have triggered a notification in MacUpdater suggesting that my version of Roon (the Mac app, not server, which is on Nucleus) was out of date.

That referred to the file in /Applications/Roon on macOS 13.6.7

Sure enough, I found a much earlier version (1.6?) in /Applications/Roon - even though for months (years?) I have always only ever updated from within Roon itself (at Settings > About).

I applied the (vendor certified) update from MacUpdater - without problems.

/Applications/Roon/ now shows as being 989,556,368 bytes and Modified there today.

Roon’s About continues to show Version 2.0 (build 1432).

Is it possible that Roon itself updates one set of files files - perhaps within the package? And MacUpdater somewhere else?

Thanks to anyone who can clarify this, please…

Hi @Mark_Sealey ,

This is certainly possible, but we have not done any testing with Mac Updater, and are unaware of the specifics of how it operates. I will move your thread to the Roon Software Discussion section, in case others can chime in regarding this 3rd party app. Officially, you should use the Roon → About menu to update Roon, to ensure that everything is updated properly.

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noris - many thanks!

Quite understood, of course.

I understand from the developer that MacUpdater (possibly worth your looking into; definitely a popular market leader) uses only ‘certified’ files. In this case:

So one way of confirming (or not!) would be to compare, please, that URL and that checksum which MacUpdater used yesterday with those attributes of the files which Roon downloaded and installed itself a few hours earlier (!), wouldn’t it?

Yes; thanks.


And I’d be right to assume that because I get ‘You have the latest version installed there.’, I’m OK - wouldn’t I?

In this case, the oddity was that I always do it that way - only from within Roon there.

Yet, on checking what else MacUpdater had in store for me yesterday, a Roon update popped up.

What caused me to post this request was that MacUpdater - when pointing to my Roon instance in /Applications - showed (for the first time) that it needed updating from v. 1.6 !

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