Today's update dropped my local drive

My Tidal and Qobuz tracks “appeared” ok but all my local files were unavailable. Rebooting caused all local files to not show up in my playlists.

I have had to go into Storage and re-add the local folder, and now all my tracks are being re-added to the library.

Not sure if this has happened to others with this update, but wanted to to report it.

Looks like this affected all my playlists for some reason. I will see if I can do a restore to get the playlists fixed. Disappointing.

I just updated and all good.

For Roon @support to shoot this problem, they will want to know about your setup as in this post.

You might want to hold off on the Restore.

Without my doing anything other than adding back my local drive and letting the tracks reload, it seems to have “healed” itself in the playlists, so perhaps the DB just needed time to catch up. In previous examples of this, I often just get the “unavailable” notation, not a removal of the item in the playlist.

Hello @Jay_Parsons, and thanks for your report! I’m glad things are working again, but please be advised that re-adding the folder can cause them to be imported fresh. If you have this issue again, please restore a backup from before the update. If you don’t have any backups or need help setting up backups, please let me know!

It’s very good advice and I’ll be honest, I don’t focus on backups enough because all my updates have worked so well in the past…this was an anomaly for me but a good lesson.

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