Toggle for DSP on / off on main play bar


As a regular headphone user and listener of older recordings, I often use the DSP function for Cross Feed to counter extreme stereo in early recordings when sound engineers were a bit, how should we say, over-zealous with their use of Stereo :slight_smile:

To this end it would be really very good to have the ability to toggle DSP off and on, from the play bar.

An additional benefit of having this is that often one doesn’t want to have DSP on all the time, but to pop it on now and again for certain tracks which need pepping up or may excite resonances which can be toned down with a bit of judicious equalisation.

Finally, it’s often the case that DSP is left on when it’s not needed and having it highlighted on the playbar will minimise this risk.

Thanks for considering this request.


I want the exact same function, now it’s a minimum 4 clicks to toggle DSP on/off. It would be great to have that switch button on the play bar, and even better with a keyboard shortcut as I have already map some function on my Contour ShuttleXpress controller connected to my Mac which I’m using as a Roon control while I’m working on my computer.

I could see this and the zone switch button as well useful on the play bar. I like to switch back and forth with HQP & Roon to see what I like better with sound and DSP settings.

I’d like this as well please, for a slightly different reasons; so I can switch all DSP off when listening to an MQA track (and therefore get the benefit of MQA).

Of course going one step further and having Roon automatically turning DSP off when it plays an MQA track would be even better (and then back on afterwards)


agree on the play bar switch requirement but the automation aspect of turning it off when playing MQA is one step too far IMHO. When I get round to using Roon for room correction, the DSP will be on all the time, regardless of what format the audio is in. By all means give people the choice of ‘auto-off for MQA’ but don’t remove it.

In a way we are asking for features seen on amps, like a Direct, or Bypass switch which bypasses the tone controls :slight_smile:

If Roon can automatically recognise MQA album and turn off DSP engine would be great. I have tagged “MQA” on all the Tidal MQA album in my library. At the meantime I would suggest to add options in the DSP settings in relate to different user specify tags, then we can have albums with “MQA” tag turn off DSP engine completely. This can be useful also if user want to have different DSP settings for different albums without having to switch settings while playing music.

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With DSP on MQA doesn’t work (yet), hence wanting to switch it off automatically when it recognises an MQA file.

Of course it could for some that DSP has a greater impact on sound quality than MQA does, so yes the option to still use DSP with MQA files is valid (and one I hadn’t thought of)

+1 for the feature request.

However so many people ask for so many buttons for various other reasons. And what is necessary for me may be useless for the other.
I hope the UI doesn’t turn into a mess of buttons, clicks or icons…etc in the future.

On the other hand a “control center” like pop up window with several buttons or shortcuts would be a nice touch.

Is it also possible to place a certain number of ( for instance maximum 3 buttons or toggles) on the main play bar that can be customized. For example… a button for dsp on/off a button for volume leveling on of and so on…

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One aspect of auto-turning off DSP that I hadn’t thought of is that there may be considerable volume changes between DSP processed verses non DSP processed tracks. This is guaranteed to be annoying and may make this feature useless if implemented. Not so much for listening to whole albums, but in Radio mode it could be a health hazard!

Very true


I agree that we don’t want to mess up the UI with buttons, several customisable buttons and shortcuts would be really great (I was thinking the same before I open up this thread again).

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I would also like very much a toggle for the DSP on the main play bar. I use DSP to tame recordings that are too “hot” and it works very well for that, but for recordings that are a bit on the dark side already I prefer it set to “off”.

A quick switch, easily accessible, like the “Source Direct” button on an amp (and its remote) would be a very nice feature

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+1 I would be fine with having this only shown after hitting the Volume button. But the current situation of having to click the volume button, then select DSP and (if playing grouped) having to select the device is just way to many levels.

Rather than an on/off toggle, I think it would be more useful to be able to:

  1. Create DSP presets (sort of like current equalizer presets, but encompassing the entire DSP configuration including crossfeed, headroom management, etc.)

  2. Easily pick the DSP preset or “None” to turn off DSP

I think the DSP per-song feature would be neat too. iTunes has had this for a while, so there’s good prior art for making it work.

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I don’t see the value of a toggle. I have the same need, but I use DSP both for headphones and speakers, with different settings. So at minimum we would need quick access to presets, not just on and off.

What I have done is set up different end points (zones) and assigning the appropriate DSP presets. There are other differences, e.g. volume settings. Selecting a zone is very quick and easy, I choose Headphones and everything is done right.

The problem is, it needs duplicate hardware today (I happened to have a DAC/headphone amp lying around).

For a more practical solution, I have suggested a feature that used to exist in Sooloos, they called it a “phantom” zone: you define a new zone, based on an existing hardware endpoint, and then you can customize it like any other zone, with DSP, min and max volume, etc.

The toggle button could do both: press one turns it on/off, long press gives access to settings.
I like the idea of the phantom zones.

Yes, the phantom zones design would work well for me too. It does introduce some new UI problems that would need to be solved, for example disallowing the grouping of phantom zones that share the same hardware.

With phantom zones, I think it would make sense to include all the DSP settings as part of the zone configuration and get rid of the separate DSP UI.