Toggle or Short Cut from Album Details to Track Browser filtered on that Album

Would something like a switch or even just a short cut - like cmd / ctrl + click on the track browser menu entry - be possible which would bring me from the Album Details view right to a Track Browser view filtered on this particular album? Or is there already a way to this with one click / keystroke and I just don’t know it (again)?

Why I want to switch to the boring :wink: Track Browser? I can’t focus on track level tags in Album Details view. Also at times I want to see all tracks of a multi-disc albums in a single scrollable view. With an automatically applied filter the view switching would feel smoother - currently I’ve to apply a filter manually - but Roon knew where I came from and could do this for me. :slight_smile:

Friendly addendum – or, just have an alternate view format for albums, a la List View of the Finder in a Mac.

+1 either way.