Tom Petty Won't Play

Hi All,

Tidal has been working great for me until today. I keep getting network errors when playing Tom Petty. I’m able to play everything else in Tidal just fine. I’ve started Roon and various remotes. No luck. Any ideas?



I think Tom can’t play because he died.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist! :slight_smile:

Too soon! :slight_smile:

Don’t come around here no more.

Don’t do me like that!

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I had this same problem on the weekend. Worked in Tidal but not Roon. Even restarted the server for the first time ever!, but made no differenceI Think it was just for some TP albums, not all of them. Didn’t find a solution unffortunatlely :frowning:

Damn. Even the losers get lucky sometime.


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