Tom Waits shows up as top artist for The Replacements

Because he sang on a couple of their songs, Tom Waits now shows up as the primary artist when I search for the replacements. Anyway to change this?

Any thoughts on this, kids?

Hi @Peter_Rustin,

Can you share some screenshots of exactly what you’re seeing here in Roon?

@dylan: I would guess he means this:

Exactly!! I’m at work, so thanks for posting!!!:+1:

Thanks, @Peter_Rustin & @Njal_H.

I’ve passed this along to the team to look into. We appreciate the feedback!

@dylan Many Thanks. Weird!

Hey guys—any news on this? Thanks!

Hi @Peter_Rustin,

I’ve passed this feedback along to the team. We are always working to improve our search results, but I can’t say for sure when this specific change will be made. Due to the holidays the queue is also a bit longer than typical, but this is something the team is now aware of and we hope to improve things soon.

Thanks so much!

Right now, it takes you to Tom Waits. Been Like this for a month or 2.