Tommy Deluxe Edition weirdness

The Deluxe Edition of Tommy has very weird metadata. It’s broken up into three sections:

Tracks 1-8 grouped together
The Acid Queen (by itself)
Tracks 10-25 grouped together

Should be all one single section, I guess, but then why bother putting them in a section at all, it just indents everything more for no reason. Let me know what more i can do to help, would love to see this resolved.


Bumping this as it’s still an issue. Any way to get the metadata corrected into a single performance?

Thanks for flagging this one @Mike_Pinkerton – I’m going to discuss with the guys, but I think I know the issue here.

I don’t have an immediate solution, but this is a really good example of exactly the kind of thing we’ll be fixing for our 1.3 release later this year, which is going to be more focused on metadata, editing, and classical.