Ton Koopman Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir Bach Cantata Series

The Bach Cantata Series by Ton Koopman an the Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra & Choir spans 22 volumes. Searching in Tidal via roon, some of these volumes appear when searching for Ton Koopman, others when searching for Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra. This leads to some mess, mainly because the “by this artist”-feature in roon doesn’t reflect this, so you only get a subset of the Cantatas when looking at one of them.
(Example: Vol. 1 is listed under Ton Koopman, Vol. 2 under Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Vol. 3+4 under Ton Koopman, and so on).

Thanks for the report. I can see that under Ton Koopman, volume 2 has a placeholder but no track metadata.

It would be helpful if you could provide comprehensive links for each volume as identified, and also any placeholders.

As this series of small boxes is arguably one big box (parallel to the single Harnoncourt box of the exact same repertoire) this should go into the “classical box sets problems” category. @joel @carl maybe you could move this to the other thread?

Could you please elaborate on this? Do I do this in roon or on the allmusic website?

I just had another look for volume 2, and now I can see it when searching for Ton Koopman, with all metadata present. Is it because I added it to my library?

EDIT: I see what you mean after looking in the classical box set thread. Now I just have to convince allmusic that I really disabled my adblocker. Oh well…