Too many Beethovens

I understand that sometimes multiple metatags are used for the same composer (i.e., Ludwig van Beethoven versus Beethoven, Ludwig van or Ludwig van Beethoven [dates]. But I’m seeing 4 different versions of this composer that look exactly the same. How do I fix?

Let’s drop a flag for @joel and see if he can reduce this bevy of Beethovens.

There is no way of solving this problem as a user, currently.

As previously noted, this is a known and understood bug, but one with a difficult fix.

@brian and @joel are aware. :sunglasses:

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Looks like a 1.3 fix @Jim_Austin. Until then I’m going to listen to Mozart and PDQ Bach.

Edit: I should clarify, my guess is that users will be able to merge artists/performers/composers in their own databases.

Good news. Thanks Andy.