Too Many Compositions, or Too Little Room? You Decide

Mozart’s composition list is so large that the sorting numbers completely block the composition display on a 13" MacBook:

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It’s the same but much worse than box sets. The whole approach needs a re-think.

yes, it’s a mess…

Similar problem when there are a lot of tags relating to an album.

The composition lists for these major classical composers should now be back to what they were.

This was an unforeseen side effect of a (good!) change to turn Primary Artist track credits into composer credits where it was appropriate and we knew it was safe to do so.

Apologies for the inconvenience. and thanks for reporting it @John_V !


Three cheers for Roon and @joel !!! Look at the change now!

Keep it up. Thanks

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Clearly there’s still some unhelpful stuff in these composition lists (there always was). We will see what we can do here.

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Hurrah go for it

Ps did Mozart do 5000 works , I don’t think do

Um, as per my post above, he no longer does…

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