Too many error messages on Tidal

I am having a terrible time with TIDAL. Every month it seems like I have to do major updates to my playlists so that there are enough songs to play at any given time. Is anyone else experiencing an unusually high number of “cannot play this track” types of error messages? Is there any way to have ROON automatically look for a track on Qubuz to replace tracks that are no longer available on Tidal? Having to re make playlists is getting maddening!

Your not alone, lots of my playlists come up with errors, then says playback stopped due to too many errors. Is this roons fault or tidal moving links…

Thanks for the reply Andrew. Like you the number of error messages makes my playlists unusable. I know the tracks are available either on TIDAL or Qobuz but I hate having to re-make all of my lists. Do you have any kind of work around that has worked for you?

I’ve not bothered trying to sort it out, I don’t even make new playlist like you as I think it might happen again. At the moment I’m just finding new songs and letting room radio play, any song I like I add to a general playlist just to remind me (even if it doesn’t play again)…
I will wait to find out if there is a fix before sorting it all out again. So annoying

I’ve started getting those errors too, plus getting messages about stuff failing to load when I go to the TIDAL item on the Roon remote menu. Is there something broken in the Roon-Tidal interface or might Tidal be having one sort of intermittent problem at its end?

Yes, we need tech support on this… something is VERY broken this morning… I cant get Roon to play anything on Tidal at this point without the error occurring.

TIDAL is in trouble (not Roon). Their web page is also generating a lot of errors…

Hi @Richard_Pinto,

Please see this post:

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Annoying indeed. I have read that music being removed from music services is an issue across the board and that is frustrating enough but TIDAL is worse than any of the other music services and it really makes the utility of ROON less fantastic. I wonder how much this issue ties in with the addition of Quobuz. Quobuz has its streaming service but they also sell albums that can be downloaded. So if there is an album or track that cant be lived without you can own it. I hate this idea even if it is a high quality download. I don’t want to maintain a collection that is why I use a music service and ROON. I really want to have a reliable service that I can access song on without having to purchase an album. I would even pay a little more to have that. Ugh…

Thanks for the quick response… seems like they resolved the issue on their end.

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