Too many errors from Valence for me

Hello Roon users :slight_smile:
I thought about Roon + Tidal.
I’m Spotify user. There is very poor local file support but ok I can buy Blusound with Blueos- with my external dac it won’t be a bad choice.
Anothher advantage of Spotify are public playlists created by some radio stations - I can listen to music presented on Spotify by my favourite radio hosts.
Roon is great for browsing music.
I REALLY like it. But Valance is a big mistake. I can understand that polish artists are not very popular. No information about most of our singers/bands. But such great (?) engine should be able to use information from polish webpages.
(surprise surprise - we have and use Internet in Poland)

But today I found album with at least 3 basic mistakes in tracks names while no such issue both on Spotify and Tidal.
Is it possible to edit/improve such data in Valance/Roon database by user. Maybe AI is involved in such process so it won’t be any better I guess :confused:
It’s only one album and probably I could find more and more such problems… So 4 trial days left and maybe then one more month of subscription for tests. But now I’m very disappointed. Maybe it’s great tool mainly for classical music, jazz, mainstream?