Too many errors - stoppage in play

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Comcast modem/router, English Electric network switch

Connected Audio Devices

MSB Discrete DAC with installed network card (Roon Ready)

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

I frequently get an error message that there are “too many errors and a stoppage in playback”. This is a more recent development and has been plaguing our Roon server at work as well. Does anyone have thoughts as to what is going wrong here and what a possible fix might be?

Hey @Marc_Mable,

Ben from support here, thanks for your patience while we work through each thread!

Following up on your issue, if you bypass the network switch and hardwire your core straight to your router, do you continue to experience this issue?

Is this a completely separate system? Or, are you moving your core back and forth from home to work?

No, I have a Nucleus as a core at home and we have multiple cores at work on separate networks - one core being a Nucleus + and the other being a Innuos Zenith. We are experiencing the same issue in all locations. Deleting the switch does not solve the issue, but it is different switches in all locations.

Hey @Marc_Mable,

Thanks for letting me know. In this case, we’ll need to troubleshoot one before the other, and so taking a closer look at your home setup may be the better place to start.

I would continue to bypass the switch for now as we continue to work through things. Could you please reproduce the issue and share the date and time you experience the error message?

Are you able to access your network settings, and set specific devices to different bandwidths? If so, i would take a look at setting Roon to the 5ghz band and see if the errors continue.

I’ll be on standby for your reply. :+1:

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